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“Diploma Thesis USA 2014: 2 students of the department of automotive engineering had the unique opportunity to implement their diploma thesis in the United States of America at Hennig Inc.”

On June 27th, Michael Edlmüller and Clemens Honeder, students of the department of automotive engineering set forth on their two month journey to Chicago O’Hare, IL. Mr.  Willy Goellner, Chairman of the Alumni-Beirat and AME Rockford, gave us the great opportunity to work for Hennig, Inc. located in Machesney Park, close to the flat we lived in. The City of Rockford, is located about 100 miles eastbound of Chicago and Lake Michigan. Besides of all the technical challenges we were allowed to experience the typical „American Way of Life“ and the corresponding habits.
The aim of our diploma thesis is represented by the task of redesigning a machine for Hennig’s European subsidiary. The task given was to replace all the imperial standard parts with metric counterparts, to design missing parts as well as creating the majority of the technical manufacturing drawings. Furthermore we had to adapt the weldment of the machine to enable an ergonomic working position.
During our stay in the states we shared a house with five colleagues from HTL Steyr and HTL Waidhofen/Ybbs. Due to the great opportunity of having a car provided by the company for personal purposes we had a look at some of the most important sights located in the surrounding area. The inner city of Chicago, an amusement park and a travel to the neighbor state Ohio is only some of the great trips we fulfilled during the weekends. We were in the lucky position to share the hospitality of Mr. & Mrs. Goellner when we were invited for dinner at their place.

[September 16th 2014]
Michael Edlmüller & Clemens Honeder