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This summer two students of the automotive engineering department were invited to make their diploma thesis at the company Lucas-TVS Ltd. in Chennai, India.
On June 28th, the two students David Schnabl and Michael Krydl boarded a plane heading for Chennai.

They were provided a flat near the company and a private taxi for transportation. In the factory of Padi, Chennai they were allowed to work on their diploma thesis project for nearly six weeks. In their leisure time they were shown several places of cultural interest as well as the city of Pondicherry located about 150km south of Chennai. Doing so, the students had the unique opportunity to explore the foreign culture and get to know the Indian lifestyle. The visited places include two additional factories of Lucas-TVS, the city beach of Chennai, several Indian restaurants and temples. They were even invited to visit the company internal technical school CPAT-TVS.
The target of the diploma thesis named „Analysis of Rubber Pad failure“ is to analyse the failure of a 6,5 kW starter motor’s planetary gear set, especially the rubber cushioning pads located on the circumference oft its annulus. The result of the diploma thesis should show the final causes for the failure and suggestions for future designs.

[November 11, 2014]
David Schnabl & Michael Krydl